Join us March 24th.

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321We are excited to be hosting The Sapphire Spa’s Friday FILLER and Botox BASH with Dr. Aslam Shariff, Award winning and board certified Physician.

Schedule NOW space is limited! 956-389-8888 3pm-7pm

Botox: $10 per unit. Used to relax forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, bunny lines, gummy smile, chin dimpling, mild eyebrow lift, also can be used to treat underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Juvederm ultra plus: 1 ml syringe – $450- $500. Used in lips, mild to moderate nasiolabial folds, marionette lines.

Restylane: 1ml syringe – $475. Can be used in tear troughs(under eye hollows), the glabellar lines (11’s in between eyebrows).

Radiesse: 1 syringe $550. 1.5 ml of product. Thicker in consistency so can be used to fill in severe nasiolabial folds, restoration of cheek volume to give a mid facelift, and chin augmentation.

JODY ROGERS Director Sapphire Spa

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